Court Reporters Make Presentation to Senate Judiciary Committee

Each year on May first, legal professionals of all stripes celebrate Law Day. President Dwight D. Eisenhower designated Law Day in 1958 as a day that was meant to “honor liberty, justice and equality under law which our forefathers bequeathed to the United States.”

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The American Bar Association offers a variety of activities and marketing strategies to stage events in communities across the country. Activities to honor the day typically include mock trials and luncheons as part of an effort to promote awareness of the court system.

This is the second Law Day that Illinois’ South Suburban College Legal Studies Department has celebrated. Attendees had the opportunity to attend a live court hearing as well as court reporting and a crime scene presentation. The Appellate Prosecutor and Appellate Defender were also on hand for questions.

In San Bernardino, four of the county’s courthouses invited approximately 400 children from area schools to a Law Day event. Students had the opportunity to understand how the judicial system works by taking tours of the courthouse, attending a mock trial and simulations of family, criminal and civil courtrooms. Students were also given a demonstration from the Sheriff Department.

In an effort to spotlight the career of court reporting, the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) invited member of the Kansas Court Reporters Association to present before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Darcie Cruz, an NCRA member felt that the presentation helped explain the duties and responsibilities of court reporters. She said most people don’t understand the role of a court reporter unless they have been on a jury or have a job in the legal system.

Demonstrations included the use of realtime technology presented on large screens, making it easy for attendees to view.

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