How to Up Your Income as a Court Reporter

Cassandra Caldarella wrote an article for the Journal of Court Reporting on how to earn a million dollars within several years. Her tips include:

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Think Monetization

Caldarella recommends setting up a “vast network of referrals.” One way to do this is to refer other people. For instance if a potential client calls when you are booked, you can let them know you have a colleague who is available. Have all the reputable colleagues you know follow the same principal, and you increase your odds of getting work.

Be the Best

To make the big bucks, you need to wow customers. One way to determine if you are doing this is to examine your current customers. Are you getting repeat business or rave reviews?

If not, ask your current customers what you can do to improve your service and then implement their recommendations. Your clients will appreciate your efforts and refer jobs to you in the future.

Another focus should be to improve your skills. Get your NCRA Certified Realtime Reporter (CRR) credential and offer it on every job. Obtain as many certifications as you can and network. Join your state and national associations along with trial lawyer and state bar associations.

Also make an effort to connect emotionally with your clients. Everybody is busy, but a smile and eye contact can make a difference.

Hire Stars

You won’t be able to hit the big leagues without employing stellar help. Ask your network for referrals and offer higher rates. Also pay attention to the little things: remember birthdays, send holiday cards, and give bonuses. When you have a reliable, high-quality team, you can safely go after same-day realtime expedite jobs.

Analyze Your Income

Gather salary data and act on it. Calculate what you want to make a day and then track how close you are to your goals. Keep track of what you earned with each job. Then you can decide whether you can pick up another job that day if you are behind with your goals. Check frequently for agency text messages and emails to see if you can pick up additional work.

Applying these tips will greatly increase your chances of upping your income from court reporting.