LiquidSpace Quickly Becoming the Favored Resource of Court Reporters for Booking Meeting Rooms

LiquidSpace, the foremost internet marketplace for locating and reserving flex office and meeting space, has become the go-to resource for court reporters who need to reserve rooms in order to carry out legal deposition work. LiquidSpace is sponsored by the National Court Reporters Association, or NCRA, which is just part of the reason that it has become so popular with professionals in this industry.

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The first half of 2014 has seen more than twice as many bookings for meeting space by court reporters as well as others in the legal services profession as there were during the last six months of 2013.

The increase in demand for bookings through LiquidSpace has prompted the company to announce that it has taken steps to make it easier for legal professionals to locate and book private meeting spaces that are acceptable and which sufficiently accommodate all of the needs court reporters have when performing their jobs.

The company has launched “LiquidSpace for Legal Services” which is essentially a division of it regular online service dedicated solely to providing for the needs of legal services professionals. The founder and CEO of LiquidSpace, Mark Gilbreath, stated that the company has experienced significant growth in its legal services customer base over the last few years. The logical move for LiquidSpace, according to Gilbreath, was to provide a “curated collection of spaces” specifically designed to cater to the needs of the court reporting sector.

Traditionally, court reporters have been hampered by a serious lack of options for suitable meeting space. The options that were available to them were usually cost prohibitive, required too much administrative work and had too many fixed contract expectations, not to mention that these options required a significant time commitment by the reporters themselves in locating and booking the space.

The service provided by LiquidSpace allows for easy and convenient finding and booking of meeting space that can be purchased with a credit card and without any contract requirements or additional charges.

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