Court Reporters – Follow These Three Tips to Perform At Your Peak

Court reporters play a vital role in the nation’s justice system.  By quickly and accurately recording everything that happens in a legal proceeding, court reporters are often responsible for making the proceeding’s official record, a record which could play a vital role in an appeals process, or in any situation that requires the review of a previous court case.  As such, in order to be prepared to perform optimally for the entire workweek court reporters should follow certain well established practices.

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Avoid partying during the workweek – A recent situation, in which a reporter was found to have been drinking before work, caused such a problem for the courts in which he worked that up to 30 cases had to be reviewed, putting hard earned criminal convictions in jeopardy.

If you like to go out and have a good time, it is best to avoid such partying during the work week. By staying professional all week you will better be able to avoid even the implication that you may be unprepared for the rigors of the work day.

Get a good night’s sleep – Though it may seem like common knowledge, in order to perform at your best you should always be sure to get a good night’s sleep before work.  One of the worst conditions under which to work is excessive sleepiness.

By getting a good night’s sleep before each work day, you can ensure that you are prepared to perform optimally.

Stay positive – It is a proven fact that mental distraction can impair a person’s ability to pay attention, and as a result it can also impair their ability to be aware of what is going on around them.

A court reporter’s primary role is to record that which is happening around them. As such, staying positive, like taking pride in your job and enjoying what you do, is the best way to prepare yourself to give your full attention to everything that happens in the court.