A Look at NCRA’s Five-Year Strategic Plan

Everyone needs a good, five-year plan, and that goes for the nation’s largest court reporter industry association, too.

The National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) Board of Directors recently introduced an effort to create a five-year strategic plan for the NCRA, and their first stop was with NCRA members at the 2012 Convention Expo in Philadelphia. Following the discussion with NCRA members at the convention, the Board of Directors conducted a comprehensive membership needs assessment in the following months.

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The results of this member feedback shined a light on some of the biggest challenges facing the industry and how the NCRA can better help its members achieve success with their careers.

The result of the Board’s efforts was a strategic, five-year plan, Vision 2018, which involves focusing the association’s efforts and priorities on the following:


One of the major priorities of the NCRA is to attract individuals into the industry and introduce them to one of the court reporting programs located across the U.S.  To do so, the NCRA recognizes that they must assess the long-term demand for court reporters and shape recruitment campaigns accordingly. They also recognize that a Web-based initiative is crucial for attracting youth into court reporting and that they must pinpoint the best practices of successful court reporting schools and ensure they are incorporated into the standard practices of all court reporting schools.

Professional Development

NCRA recognizes that certification programs need to remain strong, and that professional development allows court reporters to remain competitive in the industry. As such, continuing education opportunities must remain a priority for the NCRA.

Awareness and Outreach/Advocacy

The NCRA recognizes that individuals in the legal community must have an appreciation for the role of a court reporter. Therefore, the NCRA understands that this is accomplished through awareness and outreach programs.


The NCRA recognizes that it is important to arm its members with current statistics and trends that allow them to better promote their services.

Member Value

The NCRA understands the delivering upon the above strategic goals allows members to achieve the most value from the association.